Sunday, October 24, 2010

List Theorism and You!

hey there world -holycrapthisblogwriterisdifferant- It's matty again! Today it's not a book review, nor a rant so let me set the situation for you. November 1st i will be participating in a Recon tourney run by my local club. its not actually that local (two hour commutes rarely are) so i'm trying my hardest to come out with the W so i'm putting a lot of thought (and possibly $$) into it. One problem i came across in making my list was that i couldn't keep everything straight in my head. I don't have army builder either, so what am i to do?

I tried making the list in a notebook but i found that not only was i running through paper like a banshee pumping out every 300 point combination in the blood angels codex but it was a hassle finding the reference between the codex and what i had written down, or to refer to a previous list hidden somewhere in the notebook. Needless to say, between my cramped handwriting, the occasional slushie spill, and not having a pen on me this was an inconvienance.

I strove for organization before i went any further, and i came up with a simple template to base your list listing's on.


Points and Game

Side Notes

Possible units

List 1 then Model Count

List 2 then Model Count (ect)

It's a very simple template that i find works for any non-apocalypse point count. Mine is very simple, 300 points doesn't hold that many units, and it's very open to criticism.

Blood Angels Lists.

current objective: Tac Recon Tourney (300 points max)

Viable Options:

Terminator Squad (200)

Sternguard Squad (125)

Sanguinary Priest(50)

Tac Squad (90)

Assault Squad (100)

Land Speeders (50)

attack bikes (40)

Looking for: Self Supportive heavy hitters. NOT looking for support units

List 1:

Sterguard w/ Power Fist and Combi Melta -155

125 25 5

Assault Squad w/ Flamer -105

100 5

Attack Bike


Models: 11

List Two:

Terminator Squad w/ h. flamer


Tac. Squad w/ meltagun

90 5

Models: 10

I also find it much easier to tally the total points with the point count under the unit and upgrades.

Ladies and Gents, thats all i have to say for now because i have some more lists to make!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blog numero eins!!

Welcome to my blog people of the interwebs! thanks for checking my page out i really do appreciate it. Lets start with the introduction shall we?

My name is Matty. I'm a huge fan fiction writer (will hopefully be dumping tons of it on here) to the point were i took classes in school to become a better writer. write it and live it, when men fight battles with swords and guns, heroes rise on their enemies broken bodies and I control their destinies with nothing but a keyboard with old and crusty crumbs in between the keys or a nibbled on pen of righteousness.

getting carried away there but I play primarily Warhammer 40k, as this is a gamer's blog, but i also play Warhammer Fantasy Battles and soon will play warmachine (yay). Armies you ask? why only the rules wrecked necrons, glorious flesh tearers, noble grey knights, stealthy wood elves, and avenging retribution of scryah!

pics will be coming soon and what not!